Lancet: Early COVID-19 Symptoms Differ Among Age Groups and Genders

COVID-19 Variants

Age and gender matter when it comes to the early COVID-19 symptoms, according to new research from Lancet Digital Health. The differences are most notable between younger age groups (16-to-59 years) compared to older age groups (60-to-80 years and older). Also, men have different symptoms compared to women in theRead

Early Stage Curcumin Study Shows Promise for AD-Related Metabolic-Immune Dysfunction

curcumin and AD

As researchers explore the benefits of curcumin, a recent mice study raises additional promise for metabolic dysfunction and immune disorders related to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Because Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of around two-thirds of dementia cases, worldwide, most of the research focus has been on progressive deficit in memoryRead