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Business Page Template

This is the Business page template, which consists of a Business Slider and normal page content below. You can set the content below the slider to be one column (no sidebar), two columns (one sidebar) or three columns (two sidebars). You can also disable the footer widgets specifically for this page template.

You can easily set the Business page as your front page in Canvas, through Settings > Reading in your WordPress Admin.

Business Slider

The Business Slider in this page template is used to showcase your content through the Slides post type. The slider can be set to full width like above or the width of your content, and it also includes an array of options like fade/slide transition, speed, auto start, auto height, overlay position.

The full width Business Slider looks great in combination with the optional full width layout, which you can setup in your options panel.

The Business Slider is also available as a component through the Woo Component widget, so you can add it to your widgetized homepage or Widgets page template.

Use any shortcodes

[twocol_one]How about some more page content that displays in a column layout? There’s a shortcode for that.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]In this instance we have two columns of content, but you can have up to six columns.[/twocol_one_last]

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