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Tai Chi Public Exercising in Temple of heaven park, Beijing

Autophagy: Arterial Health and Longevity

Introduction What is the age old secret to longevity? It could be as simple and complex as keeping the 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the body healthy. This report reviews an essential element to longevity — maintaining the wellness of our vascular system as microhealth and macrohealth. Arterial wellness demands mitigation of systemic inflammation. […]

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The Use of Magnetic Field for the Reduction of Inflammation: A Review of the History and Therapeutic Results

Interest in magnetic field (MF) therapy has increased rapidly in recent years as research shows that this noninvasive, cost-effective modality might be safer than drugs and surgical procedures for reduction of inflammation… (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Chronic Inflammation and the Western Diet TOP READ: Sustainable Diet Mirrors Anti-Inflammatory Diet Integrating Diet & Physical Activity in Type-2 […]

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Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of The Hexane Extract Of Byrsonima Crassifolia Seeds In Experimental Animal Models

Byrsonima crassifolia is a tropical tree, commonly known as nance and distributed widely in Mexico and Central and South America. Since pre- Hispanic times, the seeds of the fruits have been used in folklore medicine as an anti-inflammatory; however, currently no researchers have examined its potential pharmacological properties in scientific (more…) RELATED ARTICLES

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