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Fasting Mimicking Trial Shows Promise for Chronic Disease Reduction

Fasting is more than a popular diet fad, according to a recently released University of Southern California Davis study. A five-day fast once a month could reduce one’s risk of life threatening diseases and result in weight loss. For 71 adults, participating in a fasting-mimicking” phase II trial at the (more…) RELATED ARTICLES

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The Sugar Solution by JJ Virgin

In this video, JJ Virgin introduces a new way to rate sugar based on its impact on the body, expanding on her concept that the body isn’t a bank account, it’s a chemistry lab, and food sends powerful chemical messages. Sugar is finally getting the attention it deserves. Following in (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Chronic Inflammation […]

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TOP READ #15: New MIND Diet Protects Against Alzheimer’s Risk by 53%

A specially designed diet for the brain, with even moderate adherence, shows reduction in incidence of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 53%. The new diet, known as MIND, was reported in the most recent issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia, the Journal of the American Alzheimer’s Association in March, 2015. (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Pomegranate’s Punicalagin […]

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Mediterranean-Style Diet & Kidney Function

We all know the Mediterranean-style diet may significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney disease, however there is little known about how this diet affects kidney health. Chronic kidney disease is a growing epidemic, and while there has been significant progress in protecting against kidney disease and its progression (more…) RELATED ARTICLES

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Integrating Diet & Physical Activity in Type-2 Diabetes Therapy

Inflammation plays a major role in diabetes-associated cardiovascular disease (CVD). There is uncertainty whether diet and physical activity interventions can be successfully integrated into healthcare settings and reduce markers of inflammation and risk of CVD in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). This study examined the systemic markers of inflammation (more…) RELATED ARTICLES The Sugar […]

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Detox Diets for Symptom Relief and Weight Loss

Detoxification has become a popular option for patients to lose weight, and more importantly start a plan to improve overall health. This study examines how a carefully designed meal replacement, low-calorie detox plan, based on a questionnaire designed by Jeffrey Bland PhD, appears to be a viable option for both (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Retrain the […]

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Changing Landscape of Nutrition and Dietetics: Specialty for Integrative and Functional Medicine

COMMENTARY Traditional jobs in clinical nutrition where registered dietitians (RDs) serve inpatients in hospitals are yielding to growing opportunities in other practice settings as educators, clinicians, and nutritional genomics specialists. The landscape of nutrition and dietetics is responding to the evolving challenges in health care today, and the strong increase (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Food: The […]

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