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Medical Words of the Year: Mindfulness in Medicine

Surreal is Webster’s Dictionary 2016 word of the year. From the Brussels and Paris attacks to the election, emotions were high and answers didn’t come easily. And, as we enter into a new year, the status of healthcare in American remains a bit of a mystery. If it were possible (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Balancing Priorities […]

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Chemoprotection Against Cancer: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The process of carcinogenesis begins within a single cell. When challenged by environmental stimuli such as chemicals, radiation, viruses, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, that cell undergoes a series of genetic changes, gaining growth advantage… (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Valter Longo, PhD: Differential Stress – Effects of Fasting on Cancer Pesticides: Our Children in Jeopardy Healing […]

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