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milk alternative beverages

News Round Up: Pros and Cons of Milk Alternative Beverages

Take a stroll down the dairy or alternative dairy aisle, and you’ll see every imaginable non-milk beverage, including hemp, cashew, oat, pea protein and the ever popular coconut and almond. These milk alternative beverages, also nicknamed ‘mylks,” are increasingly popular even among people who do not have to avoid dairy (more…) RELATED ARTICLES

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female thyroid patient

Case Study: A Novel Approach to Thyroid & Adrenal Therapy

This case study represents a common problem for integrative-care physicians. Where do you start with a patient with multiple symptoms that may be complicated by previous drug therapies. “One of the many challenges for any physician is determining the correct course of treatment for patients with more than 1 area (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Thyroid Autoimmune […]

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