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Female Athletes

Female Athletes Need More Minerals and Nutrients For Energy

A new study found that female athletes need more minerals and nutrients for energy than their male counterparts. In this study, women who took a specially prepared blend of minerals and nutrients for a month saw their 3-mile run times drop by almost a minute. The small study of young women, published (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Minute for […]

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Attenuation of Natural Killer T-Cells with Cystine & Theanine

Men who perform resistance training 3 times a week for at least 6 months tend to have lower T-helper cell counts than non–resistance trained men. In addition, the natural killer (NK) cell count, an index of innate immunity, has been shown to decrease below the resting value after submaximal resistance (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Influenza Vaccine […]

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Auburn University: Beet ‘Bama Secret Weapon

The Auburn University football team may have secret weapon. Football teams are claiming beet root improves their athletic performance. Its not pregame hype, a study from Kansas State University supports the claim and they say it also benefits heart failure patients. Recently, the Auburn University football team revealed its pregame ritual of taking beetroot concentrate, […]

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Iron Improves Women’s Exercise Performance

It is the first time researchers have been able to confirm that iron supplementation has beneficial effects on exercise performance. Dr Sant-Rayn Pasricha from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health said the findings could have implications for improved performance in athletes and health and general health and well-being (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Female Athletes […]

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