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Cannabis Users Need More Anesthesia During Surgery and Opioids in Recovery

Not only might cannabis users need more anesthesia during surgery than non-users, they may have increased pain afterwards and use higher doses of opioids while in the hospital, suggests first-of-its kind research being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2020 annual meeting. Adding to the growing body of research that shows patients

acute pain

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis: Cannabinoids in the Management of Acute Pain

A new systematic review and meta-analysis showed a small but significant reduction in subjective pain scores for cannabinoid treatment compared to placebo in patients experiencing acute pain. No increase in serious adverse events suggested the safety of using cannabinoids to treat acute pain, according to the study published in Cannabis

FDA Issues Consumer Warnings Statements About Cannabidiol

In November 2019 FDA issued a strong set of warning statements about cannabidiol. The agency said that “based on the lack of scientific information supporting the safety of CBD in food, the FDA … cannot conclude that CBD is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) among qualified experts for its use

Cannabis for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Cannabis for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy

A new study shows that cannabis may be helpful to address the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to health survey data collected by Statistics Canada from more than 24,000 Canadians, researchers from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) and University of British Columbia (UBC) found that people