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Stay in the Know with Today’s Practitioner’s News on New Products, New Services, New Diagnostic Tools and New Medical Devices*

We love looking for new ideas to make your practice even better than it is already. Whether it is new products, a new technology, a new treatment protocol, new medical device or a new beneficial service, we want to tell the world (or at least our world) what is new in integrative healthcare. Stay in the know by bookmarking and coming back to this page as often as you can. 

New Products in Integrative Healthcare

*Today’s Practitioner offers this information as a service to our medical-professional audience. This information is not endorsed by our company nor it is intended to be used by patients and consumers to treat or prevent disease.

Klaire Labs (SFI USA) Announces Availability of Target gb-X™

Reno, NV— Klaire Labs (SFI USA) today announced availability of Target gb-X™ with Ecologic BARRIER, a unique 9-strain blend to support positive mood. This shelf stable, 5B CFU probiotic was specifically designed to influence the gut-brain axis through defined mechanisms including strengthening of the gut barrier function, modulation of cytokines and inflammatory response, neuroprotective metabolite […]

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Allergy Research’s New Immune Support Formula with Immuno-Lp20® & Maritech® Synergy Fucoidan

Allergy Research Group introduces a new immune support product, Fuco-Immune. It contains Maritech® Synergy, a fucoidin seaweed extract, and Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 (Immuno-LP20®), a stable, heat-treated immunobiotic.  The company says that together they support respiratory function, a healthy gut lining, and gut immunity, as well as significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.* Maritech® Synergy is a […]

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Wireless Device Reduces Pressure Injury Risk by 73%

An estimated that more than 2.5 million people suffer from at least one pressure injury each year. There are ways to reduce the risk. A new clinical study by researchers at Stanford Health Care looked at whether a wearable patient sensor could improve patient outcomes at risk for pressure injuries. The study, “Effect of a […]

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New Tonic of Potent Ingredients Launched to Reduce Flu Discomfort

The Center’s of Disease Control is reporting this one of the worst flu outbreak seasons in decades. In response, Family First Health announced the nationwide release of Flu-B-Gone®. The company says this patented, all-natural liquid contains clinically tested ingredients, shown to help reduce the discomforts commonly associated with the flu and the common cold. Ingredients […]

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Klaire Labs Branding Merger with ProThera and Complementary Prescriptions

In coming months, you may notice a change in branding of some professional-line supplements as three popular practitioner brands merge into one label. In early July 2017, Klaire Labs (parent Soho Flordis International, SFI USA) announced that ProThera and and Complementary Prescriptions will unify under the Klaire Labs brand. Klaire Labs has a long history […]

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