Webinar/New Developments in Fish Oil: An Integrative Approach to Functional Health

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) from fish oil is recognized as one of the most valuable, accessible, and safe dietary supplements for brain health. In this incisive webinar, Dr. Rob Silverman expertly reviews the role of DHA in brain health and brings participants up to date on the latest research and nutritional protocols for fish oil.

Dr. Silverman will discuss the emerging role of DHA supplementation across the lifespan, from infant brain development to preventing and addressing cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration in older adults. The emerging role of DHA supplementation and depression will also be covered. Finally, he will discuss the importance of individual genetic variation in assessing the value of DHA supplementation. Participants will learn the importance of DHA and how it:

  • Can help improve memory and mild cognitive impairment
  • Provides cardiovascular benefits
  • Is essential for proper fetal brain development
  • Supports healthy inflammatory pathways
  • Promotes a positive and relaxed mood
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