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We are pleased you are here at Today’s Practitioner. Our team is dedicated to serving the growing integrative and functional medicine community with relevant and timely evidence-based information to support patient care and the success of your practice.

At Today’s Practitioner, we understand that healthcare is about both health and wellness, which is why we strive to provide information on preventive measures, disease treatments and ways to improve your patient’s quality of life.

We encourage you to sign up for our  newsletter, which  includes quick synopsis reviews of peer-reviewed research along with complete downloadable studies. We also provide a deep dive into challenging conditions, case studies and practice management articles from integrative-care experts in our newsletters and on the site. Today’s Practitioner is also an information resource for the latest information on medical devices, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and related practice management resources for the integrative-care practitioner.

Today’s Practitioner’s content partners include many of the leading peer-reviewed journals as well as thought leaders in the functional medicine category.

Thank you again for your interest in Today’s Practitioner. We look forward to your return visit and a continuing relationship with our growing integrative practitioner community.


Rob Lutz

Founder, Editorial Director and Publisher



Rob brings more than 20 years of experience successfully launching and managing educational media products, publications, conferences and websites related to integrative medicine, dietary supplements, and the wellness consumer. Rob has held senior positions at Informa/New Hope, Virgo, Innovision Health Media and Integrative Medicine Communications.  Rob lives in Exeter, NH.  Contact Rob with any questions about the site, content, or advertising.

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