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Part I: Reducing Pain & Inflammation: Insights into Fatty Acids Biochemistry & Dietary Influences

By Alex Vasquez, DC, ND / Pain and Inflammation are neurochemical manifestations of physiologic imbalances which originate biochemically, structurally, and/or neurologically. Beyond the obvious relevance to the treatment of conditions associated with pain and inflammation, the implications of the data presented will provide therapeutic insight for doctors treating a wide range of complex chronic illnesses. […]

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Klaire Labs (SFI USA) Announces Availability of Target gb-X™

Reno, NV— Klaire Labs (SFI USA) today announced availability of Target gb-X™ with Ecologic BARRIER, a unique 9-strain blend to support positive mood. This shelf stable, 5B CFU probiotic was specifically designed to influence the gut-brain axis through defined mechanisms including strengthening of the gut barrier function, modulation of cytokines and inflammatory response, neuroprotective metabolite […]

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Inside Look at Establishing an Integrative Health and Wellbeing Program

Editor’s Note: The following is from Alka Gupta, MD, and Chiti Parikh, MD, Co-Directors, Integrative Health and Wellbeing, New York-Presbyterian and Alumni of the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University. Gupta and Parikh take readers through their plans, from inception to completion, to create an integrative healthcare program (more…)To gain access to this […]

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Joe Pizzorno ND and Deepak Chopra MD

Joe Pizzorno ND and Deepak Chopra MD recognized at Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Today’s Practitioner congratulates Joe Pizzorno ND and Deepak Chopra MD, who will be recognized at  the Integrative Healthcare Symposium (Feb. 22-24) for the 2018 Leadership and Visionary awards. Pizzorno will be given the Leadership Award, which  recognizes a pioneer whose contributions have shaped integrative healthcare and paved the way for (more…)To gain access to this […]

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rheumatoid arthritis

MAP Bacteria in Milk and Beef May Be Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Should your patients drink cow’s milk? Should they eat red meat? It’s a question that cannot always be answered with a categorical yes or no. This new study from the University of Central Florida, shows that a strain of bacteria commonly found in milk and beef may be an associative trigger for developing rheumatoid arthritis […]

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cannabidiol for epilepsy

Could Cannabidiol Be the Answer to Treatment-resistant Epilepsy & Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome?

The level of frustration and hopelessness is high among one-third of epilepsy cases that are resistant to medication. A just-released study in Lancet, outlines how a pharmaceutical formulation of cannabidiol (20 mg/kg daily), alongside other anti-epilepsy treatments, reduced the number of drop seizures – seizures which involve sudden falls due to loss of muscle tone […]

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cannabis and Parkinson's

What is the Effectiveness of Medical Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease?

Current treatments of Parkinson disease (PD) and parkinsonism still provide suboptimal effects, especially regarding the patients’ quality of life. This has led to the search for alternative and often unconventional therapies, such as medical cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease (PD). The use of medical cannabis (MC) is controversial. Support for its benefits is based on small […]

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