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Before the bugs hit: protect your patients with science-backed supplements shown to enhance immunity.

Given the continuing uncertainty about COVID-19 variants and this season’s suspected infection rates, we’re all bracing for winter. Meanwhile, the usual suspects—flu, RSV, the common ...

Is Your Immune System Susceptible or Strong?

Whether or not we contract a virus, bacteria, or other pathogen depends on our individual  susceptibility. So what makes someone more susceptible to becoming ill? ...

CBD’s Mechanisms in the Body: How This Amazing Cannabinoid Keeps You Healthy

Chapter 2: Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp oil has taken center stage recently as a way to address many areas of health including supporting a healthy ...

Berberine: The Natural Antidote to Metabolic Derangement?

Berberine, an orangish-yellow alkaloid found at high levels in the bark and root structures of many ground-covering shrubs, has an extensive history of use as ...
vitamin e

The Immune Enhancing Effects of Alpha-Tocopherol and the Tocotrienol Family

We all are familiar with the antioxidant principles of the vitamin E family, their importance as an essential nutrient, and the protection they provide against ...

Zinc and Selenium: Key Players for Healthy Immunity

Adequate nutrition is essential for the normal functioning of the immune system, although some nutrients are more important than others when it comes to defending ...
blood sugar dips

Widespread Nutrient Shortfalls May Increase the Risk of Infections

Ideally, a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet, including a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and healthy fats can meet all of one’s daily requirements ...

New COVID-19 Era Studies Show Zinc Supports Immunity & Respiratory Health

In recent months a number of new studies have emerged regarding the use of zinc in clinical settings. Zinc is necessary for normal metabolism and ...
vitamin C

Is Vitamin C the Unsung COVID-19 Hero?

So we know that it’s not OK to talk about dietary supplements, like vitamin C, as a part of a treatment plan for anything, much ...
exercise degrade the immune system

Fact or Fiction: Does Exercise Degrade the Immune System?

Does exercise degrade the immune system? Opinions vary significantly, but being in isolation without access to gyms and sports clubs should not mean people stop ...


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