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Cannabis and Women’s Health: Across the Lifespan

Women have historically used cannabis for menstrual pain, labor pain, hyperemesis gravidarum, appetite, urinary problems, uterine prolapse, postpartum hemorrhage, mastitis, migraine, nervous excitability and menopausal symptoms. While there is a lack of formal, contemporary research into effects of cannabis on women’s health (both pre-clinically and clinically) women have been theRead

CBD’s Role in A Healthy Pain Response


The statements mentioned in this content have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to prevent, diagnosis, or treat any disease. Always work with your personal healthcare provider. One of the most common reasons patients seek medical care is due to pain. I know this from personalRead

CBD and CBG Show Promise for More than Pain

Bone fractures may not seem like a public health issue, but they affect an estimated 178 million people worldwide each year. Most fracture victims are treated for the pain with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which isn’t optimal, as these drugs reduce inflammation, which is an important part of the healingRead

Novel Formulation Improves CBD Bioavailability

While science continues to explore the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), oral bioavailability has been a constant issue due to CBD’s lipophilicity and extensive first-pass metabolism. To mitigate this issue, various carrier oils—including MCT oil, sesame oil, and olive oil—have been mixed with CBD in formulations designed to improve bioavailability,Read

CBD and Its Role in Calming Stress

Fear, stress, and anxiety are normal responses triggered when the body perceives threats to survival. However, in modern times, we encounter situations such as deadlines at work, unemployment, financial challenges, caring for our elderly relatives, and many other situations that cause our body to get stuck in stress mode. ThisRead


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