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Ayurvedic Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease, by Dale Bredesen, MD and Rammohan V. Rao, PhD


In this clinical review, Ayurvedic Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease, by Dale E. Bredesen, MD and Rammohan V. Rao, Ayurvedic Profiling of Alzheimer’s DiseasePhD published from our partners at Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, two experts share their experiences in treating Alzheimer’s disease by profiling Ayurvedic sub-types. They suggest that by identifying the specific Ayurvedic sub-type of patients with cognitive decline, and those at risk for such decline, one can make make specific therapeutic recommendations based on the findings.

ABSTRACT / Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most significant health care problems nationally and globally. Drs. Bredeson and Rammohan describe a personalized therapeutic approach called metabolic enhancement for neurodegeneration (MEND) that successfully reverse the cognitive decline in patients with early AD. They report the magnitude of the improvement was exceptional, providing testimony to the fact that a personalized and programmatic approach to cognitive decline is highly effective.

Ayurveda is a personalized system of traditional medicine native to India and the Indian subcontinent. Although a direct reference to AD in the ancient Ayurvedic literature is missing, concepts including forgetfulness, memory loss, and brain cell loss have been described. Using the clinical information and the metabolic profiling of AD individuals we recently reported using the MEND program, we now describe in this commentary, 3 subtypes of AD based on the Ayurvedic interpretation. Ayurvedic profiling of patients with ADreveals 3 readily distinguishable subtypes, namely Va t a, Pitta, and Krimi, which will prove useful in patients with cognitive decline and those at risk for such decline from the standpoint of specific subtype-based Ayurvedic intervention. (Altern Ther Health Med. 2017;23(3):46-50.)

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