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Are You in There? What’s Behind Autism?


All of our children are gifts, and this includes those with autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities. In this video, from a previous Clinical and Scientific Insights CASI conference, Nancy O’Hara MD says, “these children may be wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper. It is our job to try to remove several or all of those layers to get at the true gift of the child inside.” Dr. O’Hara examines the assessment and treatment of children with autism and how we can effectively treat the medical – metabolic, gastrointestinal, and immunologic issues that our children with autism face. She looks at the Cell Danger Response, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and other theories of autism that explain the autism behaviors we see and how we can effectively assess and treat these children.

Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH, FAAP
Nancy O’Hara, MD, MPH, FAAP is a board-certified pediatrician. Prior to her medical career she taught children with autism. Dr. O’Hara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the AOA Honor Society and earned a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. She entered general private practice in 1993, and in 1998 began her consultative, integrative practice solely for children with special needs. Since 1999 she has dedicated her practice to the integrative and holistic care of children with neurodevelopment disorders, ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, OCD, Lyme, allergies and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. She is a leader in the training of clinicians, both in the US and abroad. Her practice is located in Wilton, CT.


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