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21-Day Food & Spirit, Full Spectrum Detox Program from Deanna Minich, PhD

Detox Program

Are your patients looking for a different kind of detox program? One that addresses the whole person – not just the diet. We encourage your patients and your staff (and you) to join Deanna Minich, PhD and her team of Food & Spirit Practitioners for this community-based detox and full-spectrum program.

Here’s what participants will receive:Detox Program

  • The Spectrum Questionnaire™ so you can tailor your detox to your personal needs
  • Your Private Dashboard for 24 hour access
  • Daily Menu Plans & Recipes Rich in Phytonutrients for both omnivores and vegetarians
  • Emotion Log to track your emotions through the experience
  • 21 Daily Thought Reflections
  • 21 Daily Movements
  • 21 Daily Affirmations
  • 21 Daily Audio Visualizations
  • 21 Daily Meditations
  • Program Calendar to keep you on track with all the events
  • Private Facebook Group Page for community support and feedback on questions
  • 6 Webinars with Dr. Deanna Minich to navigate you through the program
  • 3 Weekly Calls with Teaching Assistants and placement in groups that are tailored to your Spectrum Type

Plus FREE eBooks and infographics as soon as you register:

  • Food & Spirit Nourish Your Whole Self™ Report, by Deanna Minich, PhD
  • The Seven Systems of Health by Food & Spirit

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