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Black Currant Helps Lessen Digital Eye Strain 

From Zoom and FaceTime to TVs and laptops, our lives revolve around electronic screens. Estimates are that adults are exposed to screens that emit health-disrupting blue light for more than 8 hours per day — and this number has only grown since the pandemic.

It used to be that the sun was our main source of blue light, which has a short wavelength and therefore produces more energy. But now it’s everywhere, including electronic devices, LED, and fluorescent lighting. And this constant exposure messes with our circadian rhythm, impacting sleep and melatonin production. It can also cause eye strain, blurry vision, dry eye, and other symptoms.

Black Currant Extract & Digital Eye Strain

The good news: A proprietary extract of European Black Currant Extract (CurrantCraft by Artemis International) has recently been shown to help ease symptoms associated with digital eye strain related to blue light exposure. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, researchers studied blurred vision, dry eye, and eye strain in 61 adults, ages 30–59, who worked or studied in an online environment for six hours or more daily.

Participants taking CurrantCraft had a significant 29.9% reduction in blurry vision during the 70-day trial period. The CurrantCraft group also experienced a greater improvement in dry eye and eye strain, compared to the placebo group.

“The pandemic’s many disruptions have created a need for innovative health solutions that can deliver meaningful results. Our research team was excited to see the impressive effects of CurrantCraft on screen-induced symptoms such as blurred vision and double vision,” says Jessie Hawkins, PhD, Executive Director, Franklin Health Research Center.

“Artemis International is very excited about the potential for CurrantCraft in the ocular health market,” says Melanie Bush, Vice President of Science and Research. “With more people moving to remote learning and work, and many indications showing that this will become more the norm in our post-pandemic lives, this study clearly demonstrates that black currant berries show substantial promise to support overall eye health.”


With a global increase in total screen time among members of the workforce as well as full-time students, this study demonstrates relevance to the need to address digital eye fatigue in those who identify as women working on screens 6+ hours a day. Using CurrantCraft® black currant extract as a dietary supplement has been shown to provide benefits by decreasing double and blurred vision during prolonged screen usage. 



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