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Case Study: Probiotics for Thrush in Patient with Persistent Lyme Disease

probiotics for thrush with Gerald Simons, PA

Candida Albicans is known as one of the most common species of yeast causing yeast and fungal infections in humans. In this case study, about the use of probiotics for thrush, a 38-year old woman contracted Lyme Disease while hiking. Her symptoms persisted for many months before she sought the help of Gerald Simons, MPAS, DFAAPA, PA-C. The patient complained of joint pain and swelling, memory loss, extreme fatigue, nerve pain and discomfort at night.

After two courses of antibiotics, she developed thrush. PA Simons prescribed a 50-50 dose of Omni-Biotic AB 10 (The Gut Microbiome Restorer). One half of the dose was mixed with water, the second half applied directly to the tongue. Watch this short-case study from Omni Biotic to learn more.

In the Trenches with Omni Biotic: Probiotics for Thrush

Gerald Simons, probiotics for thrush

Jerry is a member of the PA faculty currently assigned to the Southampton campus. Growing up on Long Island he became interested in Tick Borne Diseases, and has treated complex patients and worked with scientific and support groups. In addition, he is a founding scientific advisor for the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Regional Tick borne disease research center.


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