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Rapidly Tracking Infectious Exposures & Interactions During Pandemic

tracking infectious exposure

 In response to the urgent need to efficiently assess infectious exposures and assist with operating medical surge sites, Prompt.Health (an Infinite Leap company), provider of easy and affordable real-time technology solutions, has released rapid deployment kits for Contact Tracing and Medical Surge Site Visibility solutions.

These COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions are cloud-based and pre-configured, enabling healthcare facilities and public health organizations to install the solutions by themselves in under an hour.

  • Contact Tracing – immediately view who was in proximity to an infected person while they were in the facility by leveraging an automatically-generated Contact Tracing Report, which uses data collected by Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).
  • Medical Surge Site Visibility – quickly look up the location of patients, staff, and medical equipment in temporary surge sites by leveraging real-time location information.

“As members of the healthcare community we serve, we felt obligated to do what we can to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and make the work of healthcare providers less turbulent as they face unprecedented challenges providing care for patients,” said Mark Rheault, CEO of Infinite Leap. “Therefore, we challenged our team to make our solutions even faster and easier to deploy, so healthcare organizations can more quickly begin realizing the benefits of real-time technologies to make their environments safer and less chaotic for their patients and staff.”

According to John Stehle, Ph.D., CIC, CCHM, and Chief Infection Prevention Consultant at Infinite Leap, based on his experience as Director of Infection Prevention at a large academic healthcare system, “Health care providers need to put in a tremendous amount of time and effort working up potential exposures in order to keep patients and staff safe. An RTLS-based contact tracing solution provides an efficient way to quickly identify and develop an exposure response plan.”

In the face of a novel pathogen, as we are experiencing with COVID-19, he sees great value in the Contact Tracing solution capable of rapid deployment in areas such as EDs, urgent cares, and other high-risk areas. “It is critical to monitor a broader catchment area to ensure all potential contacts can be identified, especially since definitive transmission routes have not been confirmed which may still include airborne transmission in some scenarios for COVID-19,” Stehle added.

The need to provide an easy to deploy real-time visibility system at medical surge sites has been strongly advocated by Mary Jagim, MSN, RN, CEN, FAEN, and past national president of Emergency Nurse Association (ENA). Jagim, who serves as CNO at Infinite Leap, helped design the Medical Surge Site Visibility solution, drawing on her years of experience as an emergency nurse and an emergency preparedness planner.

According to Jagim, knowing the location of patients, staff, and critical equipment during any type of medical surge event, such as a pandemic or mass casualty event, is critical. “It’s easy to get lost in the chaos. With the Medical Surge Site Visibility solution, medical staff working on the frontlines, and the emergency command center, gain the visibility they need to efficiently and appropriately manage the influx of patients and assure the right resources are in the right places to care for them.”

The quick deployment of the Contact Tracing and Medical Surge Site Visibility solutions is enabled by utilizing “plug-and-play” real-time location infrastructure. Prompt.Health’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions also provide contact tracing and real-time visibility capabilities to healthcare organizations that already have an RTLS infrastructure in place, allowing them to leverage their existing RTLS hardware to support infection containment and emergency response.

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Prompt.Health (an Infinite Leap company) provides easy and affordable real-time technology solutions that make a big impact on patient experience and safety, increased capacity and access, and improved staff satisfaction.


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