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Podcast: Redefining Medicine with Lori Esarey, ARNP-C and Kelly Engelmann, CFNP

Redefining Medicine

In this podcast, Redefining Medicine, from the A4M conference (spring 2019), A4M Fellows, and good friends Lori Esarey, ARNP-C and Kelly Engelmann, CFNP share their unique backgrounds in healthcare, the valuable lessons learned during their fellowship experiences, and how their shared passion and friendship has helped develop their respective practices. Listen to the podcast here.

In this podcast you will hear about how these two health professionals completed their A4M modules and master’s program. They review how they shifted their practices from weight loss and metabolic treatments toward a foundation of functional medicine and added a new food-first approach to healing for their patients. It’s a foundation of eating, sleeping, stress management, exercise, hormone balance and other aspect of the pillars of wellness.

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