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Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions and Diabetic Therapy from Jim LaValle, CCN, RPh

By Jim Lavalle, CCN, RPh / A challenge facing heath care professionals in treating the pre-diabetic and diabetic patient today is the problem of complications arising from polypharmacy prescribing and resulting drug-induced metabolic imbalances. With approximately 48% of people in the United States taking prescription medications (up from 44% in the 1990s), patients with diabetes are placed a much higher risk for developing co-morbid conditions and for increasing disease pathologies.

Polypharmacy prescribing is now occurring in younger and younger patient populations, so it is becoming increasingly important to assess nutrient depletion risks as they relate to increased drug side-effects, future symptoms, co-morbid condition development or progression of the underlying disease itself.

Jim Lavalle, CCN, RPh developed this drug nutrient depletion chart as an easy reference to identify common nutrient depletions associated with diabetes drugs.

Click Here to Download the Nutrient Depletion Chart


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