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Gut-Brain Axis

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mood and the microbiome

What We Know About Mood and the Microbiome (It’s Not in Your Head), with Jeremy Appleton, ND

In this video from the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium, Jeremy Appleton, ND, outlines the primary mechanisms by which the gut and brain interact. Appleton says this ...
neurobiology of stress

The Neurobiology of Stress

At the 2016 Neurobiology of Stress Workshop in Newport Beach, CA, a group of experts presented the symposium The Microbiome: Development, Stress, and Disease, published ...
sad mood

Multi-species Probiotics Affect Reaction to Sad Mood

It is widely understood that the intestine and the brain are closely connected via the brain-gut axis, which is includes bidirectional communication through the neural, ...


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