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How to Select the Right Probiotic Strains for Patients with Brain and Mood Disorders

Ecological Barrier

The following video is a primer on the basics of the microbiome, how to select the right probiotic strains and why your decision makes a significant difference in patient outcomes. For the most comprehensive information, it is often important to go right to the source, which is why we chose this video from Winclove, a leading probiotic formulation and research and development company. This video is ideal for helping you better understand why and how specific strains are developed for specific patient outcomes.

This video is an excellent introduction to the topic of the ecologic-barrier, microbe-to-microbe interactions and systemic internal affects of respective probiotic strains. In this video you will learn the following:

  1. How does our gut communicate with our brain?
  2. The mechanisms of the bidirectional communication pathway of the gut-brain axis.
  3. The associations between disturbed gut bacterial populations and brain related disorders.
  4. Why some probiotic strains have similar names but different functionalities.
  5. What is the significance of the ecological barrier to a probiotic form and function.
  6. How formulations are derived to protect against stomach acid and digestive enzymes.
  7. Why specifically selected bacteria are essential to reduce inflammation and stimulate a regulatory immune response.

Video on the Microbiome, Gut-Brain Axis and Ecologic Barrier by Winclove


Winclove Probiotics, established in Amsterdam, has been specializing in research, development and manufacturing of probiotic formulations since 1991. In close collaboration with business partners, research institutes and academic hospitals we develop effective microbiota management solutions. Winclove is working towards a healthier future for people and society. We enable people to rebalance their microbiome through indication-specific probiotic formulations. We do this by connecting the latest scientific research and technologies in collaboration with our extensive research network and business partners. Click here for more information on Winclove. 


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