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Neurogenic Inflammation in OA: Combined Thermal Therapy with Acetaminophen

Symptomatic drugs are frequently used for pain control, but dissatisfaction with such an intervention has led many patients to seek other treatments, one of which is thermal heat. The intentions in the present study is to investigate a possible interaction between thermal treatment and the main neuropeptides involved in OA pathogenesis and to identify any possible detrimental effect of heat application on OA joints.

The data suggest that hot mud packs/thermal baths do not have a negative effect on OA patients. Heat treatment seems to increase the effect of pharmacological therapy on some neuropeptides involved in the pathogenesis of OA. Thus, it is possible that a combined therapy, such as that used in Group A, could be tried with the main anti-inflammatory drugs used in OA in an effort to decrease dosages and increase the patients’ safety.

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Source: Simona Bellometti, MD; Antonella Roveri, MD; Tommaso Tassoni; Plinio Richelmi; and Mattia Zaccarin. Modulation Modulation of Neurogenic Inflammation in Osteoarthrosis Patients Undergoing a Combined Treatment of Mud Packs, Thermal Baths, and Acetaminophen: A Preliminary Study. IMCJ, Vol. 8, No. 2


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