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Mark Hyman, MD Interviews Mentor and Friend Jeffrey Bland, PhD

It’s rare to see either of these two men slow down long enough to be in the same place. In this interview, Mark Hyman, MD interviews his mentor and close friend Jeffrey Bland, PhD. On this week’s regular video series, by Drs. Hyman and Bland explore the topic: What the Future of Medicine Will Look Like.

What you will learn:

  1. How Jeffrey Bland, PhD got his start on cross disciplinary thinking on chemistry, business and medicine.
  2. Where does Bland gets his inspiration to learn more and be curious about the science on inflammation, the microbiome and gut health.
  3. Mitochondria and its relationship to chronic illness.
  4. Why functional medicine is the journey to health, not the disease.
  5. Hear both practitioners favorite patient stories (including Bland’s father) on how functional medicine has dramatically changed peoples lives.
  6. Bland’s seven fundamental matrices that are key to treating chronic diseases and conditions.



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