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neurobiology of stress

The Neurobiology of Stress

At the 2016 Neurobiology of Stress Workshop in Newport Beach, CA, a group of experts presented the symposium The Microbiome: Development, Stress, and Disease, published in Mammalian Genome. This report, coauthored by leading experts Jane Foster, PhD, John Crynan PhD and colleagues, summarizes and builds upon some of the key concepts

Mood and Microbes

Mood and Microbes, by Jane Foster, PhD

This three-part videos by Jane Foster, PhD, author, professor and leading expert in the microbiome, walks listeners through her research on mood and microbes and how this affects the gut-brain axis. In these three 15-minute videos, you will learn: What do we know about the microbiome? How do microbes communicate


VIDEO: Case Study with Scot Bay, MD on Probiotics and Psychiatry

Do probiotics and psychiatry have a role to play in helping with mood disorders? In this video, from the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium, Scot Bay, MD a practicing psychiatrist and host of Psychiatry Today’s weekly radio show, discusses four case studies for patients with depression and how a multi-species probiotic