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Is Your Clinical Approach to SIBO Treatment Leading to Recurrence? (Podcast)

Why is SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth) challenging to treat? Might the issue lie in hasty diagnoses and repetitive treatments without deeply exploring the root cause of SIBO? Could its persistent nature be attributed to the common approach of using antibiotics or herbal equivalents and restrictive diets aimed at starving gut bacteria? Join us today for an honest discussion with Angela Pifer, the renowned SIBO Guru

Study Finds Biomarkers That Identify Long COVID With 96 Percent Accuracy

A study published in Nature on Sept 18 (Accelerated Article Preview) and reported in Medscape, has found biomarkers that identify long COVID with 96 percent accuracy based on distinctive features in blood samples. The cross-sectional research involved 273 individuals with or without long COVID. These findings are critically important since the CDC reportsRead

IgG Food Explorer – What You Need to Know

The IgG Food Explorer™, developed by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, is a multiplex food sensitivity test that measures total IgG antibodies to a wide array of foods. It aims to alleviate symptoms associated with adverse food reactions and promote personalized patient care. With over 250 food antigens evaluated through a convenient at-homeRead

Gut Microbes Help with Early Detection of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), a condition that affects approximately 10% of pregnancies worldwide, occurs when women without diabetes develop glucose intolerance during pregnancy. Typically detected in the second trimester, it can cause adverse outcomes including miscarriage, premature delivery, fetal malformation, and preeclampsia. Now, a new study by Bar-Ilan University inRead

Carotenoid Combo Enhances Eye-Hand Coordination

Lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin are antioxidant carotenoids best known for their powerful eye-protective benefits. Now researchers believe this synergistic combo also helps improve eye-hand coordination after visual display terminal (VDT) use, according to a randomized, placebo-controlled study in the journal Nutrients. VDT operation can impair eye-hand coordination and smooth-pursuit eyeRead


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