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What is Medical Intuition: The Research and Reasons to Include it in Your Practice Tool Kit

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In this episode Wendie Colter, MCWC, CMIP clarifies what is medical intuition and what it is not. We review some of the recently published research regarding accuracy and efficacy. Wendie will share examples of medical intuition in practice and how practitioners and patients have benefitted from the information provided and the positive outcomes reached through these methods.


If you want to go deeper on this topic, please visit the Medical Intuition Resource Center.

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Guest Bio:
Wendie Colter, MCWC, CMIP is the founder and CEO of The Practical Path, Inc., presenting accredited certification programs in Medical Intuition for health and wellness professionals. Wendie is a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner and a Master Certified Wellness Coach. She is an award-winning author, and an invited educator and speaker at prominent integrative healthcare organizations including the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, the American Holistic Nurses Association, and others.

Wendie is President of the National Organization of Medical Intuition (NOMI). Her trailblazing research in medical intuition is published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine. She is the author of Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness (Watkins Publishing/Penguin-Random House), winner of the prestigious Nautilus Silver Award in Body, Mind & Spirit Practices, and the International Book Award and American Book Fest Book Award in Health: Alternative Medicine.

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