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Addressing Patient Susceptibility to Allergies and Immune Challenges

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This episode of the OneMedicine Podcast, featuring Dr. Chris D. Meletis, a Naturopathic Physician, international lecturer, and author of 18 functional medicine books, is a must-listen for anyone interested in addressing patient susceptibility to allergies and immune challenges. Dr. Meletis will share easy-to-apply clinical approaches that empower patients to take charge of their immune health, whether it’s allergens or other maladies.
This podcast incorporates the concepts of total burden, epigenetic risk factors, and sustaining a health-promoting homeostasis with diet, lifestyle, and clever supplementation for sustained foundational wellness. With 32 years of clinical practice, he shares his passion for his favorite science-based supplements that have served his patients well over the decades regarding immune competence and even how adaptogenic immunological botanicals are vital in our modern human existence when de-stressing is essential. That rest-oration of the mind and body is foundational.


Dr. Chris D. Meletis’ email – [email protected]

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