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Mood and Microbes, by Jane Foster, PhD

Mood and Microbes

This three-part videos by Jane Foster, PhD, author, professor and leading expert in the microbiome, walks listeners through her research on mood and microbes and how this affects the gut-brain axis. In these three 15-minute videos, you will learn:

  1. What do we know about the microbiome?
  2. How do microbes communicate with the brain?
  3. What is the evidence that microbes influence mood?
  4. What are the opportunities for therapeutic development and precision medicine approaches?
Jane A Foster, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychiatry Neuroscience, McMaster University, joined the McMaster University faculty in 2003. She holds a research appointment with the University Health Network in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as well as a scientific position with St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. Foster is an active researcher with two translational networks, The Province of Ontario Neurodevelopment Disorders Network (POND) and the Canadian Biomarker Integration Network in Depression (CAN-BIND). Her research focuses on the role of immune-brain and gut-brain interactions on neurodevelopment, behavior, and brain function



VIDEO ONE: How Psychiatry and Gut Science Are Now Linked

VIDEO TWO: What Factors are Important to Gut Health and the Composition of Gut Bacteria

VIDEO THREE: Host Host Microbiota Contributes to Anxiety-Like Phenotype


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