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Adrenal Fatigue in Clinical Practice: A Comprehensive Evaluation (Webinar)

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About this class

​Join us in this Live Class where Dr. Pamela W. Smith, M.D., MPH, MS provides an in-depth presentation on Adrenal Fatigue in Clinical Practice: A Comprehensive Evaluation.

This live class will analyze the HPA axis from a comprehensive viewpoint. The signs and symptoms of adrenal dysfunction will be explored along with an extensive discussion of treatment plans and testing methods. The interaction of the adrenals with the conductor of the hormonal symphony, the thyroid, will moreover be examined at length.

In addition, the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, along with the lab studies that are needed to fully evaluate thyroid function to help the patient achieve optimal thyroid balance will be analyzed. This discussion will furthermore explore reverse T3 and methods to lower elevated levels. Which medication to prescribe for hypothyroidism will also be considered including levothyroxine, T3, desiccated thyroid hormone, as well as compounded thyroid medication.

This interactive tutorial will also cover diseases associated with hypothyroidism along with treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis including low-dose naltrexone. Have all your questions answered in this unique seminar that is a must for all practitioners and other healthcare providers.

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