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Antioxidants And Other Nutrients Do Not Interfere With Chemotherapy Or Radiation Therapy And Can Increase Kill And Increase Survival, Part 2

Charles B. Simone II, MD; Nicole L. Simone, MD; Victoria Simone, RN; Charles B. Simone, MD


Two of every 5 Americans will develop cancer, and the incidence of most cancers has increased annually since 1930.1-5 In addition, since 1930, despite the use of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunothera- py, and improved surgical and diagnostic tech- niques, there has been limited progress in cancer survival for most adult cancers.1-5 Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, how- ever, continue to have a large role in cancer treatment but pro- duce great morbidity. Two prescription medicines, amifostine and dexrazoxane, both antioxidants, reduce cancer therapy side effects without interfering with antitumor killing.

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