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Healing Cancer in a Holistic Environment, Interview with Karin Whitney Cooke

An Interview with Karin Whitney Cooke, RN, by Karen Burnett / Karin Whitney Cooke, RN, president and cofounder of Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats, Inc in Hawaii, is a cancer survivor and a registered nurse with 40 years of experience and research in allopathic as well as complementary and alternative medicines.

IMCJ: Doing what you do now, do you find that your background in Western medicine complements your holistic approach to treating illness?
Karin Cooke: It does, absolutely. I have a deeper, more complete understanding of what may be going on in the body. I had the opportunity to train residents and interns at a Western internal-medicine clinic for many years at a teaching hospital in Portland. As a result, I have a strong
background in Western medicine and I understand what my patients are going to be told and why. This helps me to seek other, natural modalities to achieve the goal or recognize what it is that Western medicine is not looking at that we need to bring into our approach. Nutrition comes to mind very quickly in that regard. Aside from helping me have a better understanding, I find it also gives me more credibility with my clients.
In this interview, you will learn about:
1. Karin Cooke’s experience with cancer as a patient, wife of a cancer patient, oncology nurse and her work at the Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats.
2. An extensive prayer study with Dr Jeanne Acherberg.
3. Her work Korean Natural Farming methods, used on the retreat property.
4. Biofeedback, Reiki, infrared sauna and meditative stress-reduction techniques for clients attending the retreats.
She has a bachelor of science in natural health, and has experience as an oncology nurse as well as clinical research coordinator, and is co-author with Dr Jeanne Achterberg on research of distant intentionality and healing. Additionally, Karin is a cancer guide/wellness coach, nutrition consultant, auricular acupuncturist certified by the National Acupuncture Association, Reiki master, qigong teacher, and teacher of energy medicine to university medical students. http://




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