Insight-motivated Learning: Improve Adherence for Treating Chronic Health Conditions

Abstract / Patients’ nonadherence to prescriptive behavioral changes presents a frequent limitation in the treatment of chronic illness and serves as a focal point for educational programs and clinicians’ support of patients’ self-management. Recurrent emotional stress can compromise adherence. Insight-motivated learning (IML) is a holistic model in which personal insights form a basis for understanding recurrent stressors and related responses. By Robert A. Ronzio, PhD; Patricia A. Ronzio, MEd 

Case examples derived from coaching clients toward healthy lifestyles and monitoring the progress of patients with fibromyalgia, suggest that explorations of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of wellness and insight-inspired solutions enhance self-efficacy and improve stress management. The field needs empirical studies to assess the capability of IML to improve self-management of treatment-resistant health conditions and promote long-term, healthful lifestyle change.