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Kid’s Immune Recovery Protocol

Infants and young children have developing immune systems with different innate and adaptive immune responses compared to older children and adults. This may explain why young children are more vulnerable to seasonal immune challenges. Several nutrition and lifestyle strategies can benefit their immune system’s development, function, and recovery.   DOWNLOADRead

Kid’s Immune Support Protocol

As children return to school, sports, and indoor activities, immune challenges start to ramp up. While immune support is essential all year, it deserves extra attention during back-to-school season. Healthy diet and lifestyle strategies set the foundation for immune health. Learn practical tips and protocols to help support the immuneRead

Gut-Brain Axis Intake Form

Gut-brain axis (GBA) problems can have widespread effects causing nonspecific symptoms throughout the body. Getting to the root of those symptoms takes some sleuthing, but this Gut-Brain Axis Assessment Intake Form streamlines the process. It guides you through a thorough assessment, allowing you to tease out clues and dive deeply into any GBA-related symptoms.

Supporting the Gut-Brain Axis — Patient Guide

The gut-brain connection is vital to maintaining overall health and wellbeing, and it is important to establish a foundation of good nutrition and effective lifestyle practices to support this connection. This patient guide offers comprehensive advice on nutrition, lifestyle habits, and strategic supplement use to support overall health and qualityRead

Optimizing The Gut-Brain Axis — Practitioner Protocol

Optimizing The Gut-Brain Axis Understanding the Science Signs and Symptoms Functional Lab Tests Personalized Supplement Plan The gut-brain connection is vital to maintaining overall health and wellbeing. This protocol is designed to be personalized to optimize the gut-brain axis to support overall health and quality of life. Download the ProtocolRead


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