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Quercetin May Help Cut Covid Risk

journal Life

Previous research has shown that quercetin helps lower the odds of developing severe Covid symptoms, as well as the need for hospitalization. Results from a new trial provide even more evidence that this potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory is a standout natural therapy for Covid.

In a pilot study conducted at the University of Pavia in Italy, a proprietary form of quercetin (Quercetin Phytosome) was shown to offer greater protection against the virus compared to the placebo group.

The clinical trial involved 120 healthcare workers, 60 of whom placed in a treatment group and the other 60 in a control group. Subjects in the treatment group received 250 mg of quercetin twice daily for three months. All participants had rapid Covid tests every three weeks. “During our study, 5 subjects had COVID-19, 1 out of 60 subjects in the quercetin group and 4 out of 60 in the control group,” reported the researchers, who published their findings in Life.

“At five months, the COVID free survival function (risk of infection) was 99.8% for the quercetin group and 96.5% for the placebo group. This demonstrates the potential for the ingredient to provide long-term protection. Ultimately, supplementation with quercetin offered 14% more protection factor than placebo.”


The results obtained in the present pilot study are innovative and encouraging, but further studies including a large number of participants and with a longer follow-up are required to consider quercetin as regular prophylaxis. The global emergency due to SARS-CoV-2 is critical; thus, guidelines provided by international health authorities, local governments, and ministries of health must be followed. Social distancing, avoiding contact, and consulting a doctor if any symptoms occur are strict and necessary rules that everybody must follow to ward off contagion. In such a scenario, some active botanical principles have the potential capacity to modulate the aggressiveness of the infection, such as quercetin supplemented in a high-performance formulation.




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