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Key Vitamins and Minerals for Reproductive Health

A Look at the Research Behind Selenium, Zinc, Folate and Vitamin B12 as They Pertain to Reproductive Health. The age at which we elect to ...

Vitamin C Helps 50+ Men and Women Retain Muscle Mass

Vitamin C could be the key to better muscles in later life, according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). A study ...
vitamin e

The Immune Enhancing Effects of Alpha-Tocopherol and the Tocotrienol Family

We all are familiar with the antioxidant principles of the vitamin E family, their importance as an essential nutrient, and the protection they provide against ...

Vitamin D and Calcium Twice Daily May Keep Vertigo Away

Taking vitamin D and calcium twice a day may reduce chances of getting vertigo again, according to a study published in the online issue of ...
Mitochondrial Myopathy Eija Pirinen; A. Wartiovaara's research group

Vitamin B3 Revitalizes Energy Metabolism in Mitochondrial Myopathy

An international team of scientists, led by University of Helsinki reported that vitamin B3, niacin, has therapeutic effect in progressive muscle disease, according to a ...
vitamin C

Is Vitamin C the Unsung COVID-19 Hero?

So we know that it’s not OK to talk about dietary supplements, like vitamin C, as a part of a treatment plan for anything, much ...
Long-Term Cardiovascular and Heart Complications

Serum Folate Levels and Cardiovascular Mortality

Decreased serum folate levels has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular mortality in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, shedding light on why those patients ...
Female Athletes

Female Athletes Need More Minerals and Nutrients For Energy

A new study found that female athletes need more minerals and nutrients for energy than their male counterparts. In this study, women who took a ...


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