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Ayurveda treatment helpful in management of snoring, obesity and type 2 Diabetes: A case report


Sleep is responsible for proper metabolic balance. Disturbances in sleep causes insulin resistance, beta cell dysfunction and obesity through various pathways. Snoring is one of the important indicative symptoms of sleep apnoea that leads to disturbances in sleep. A 54-years old male patient was presented to Kayachikitsa casualty Government Ayurveda College Nagpur with complaints of snoring, difficulty in breathing while climbing stairs since 10 years. After evaluation he was diagnosed as obese with type 2 Diabetes mellitus (DM). Sleep study revealed presence of sleep apnoea. We treated this patient following the principle of Vyadhi Hetu Sankar (~one cause for many diseases). In such a case treatment of Hetu (~cause of disease) can be principle of treatment. Snoring was subsided in patient after one -month of treatment. Significant reduction in HbA1c, fasting and post prandial blood glucose level were observed along with reduction in Lipid levels and BMI in three months. Ayurveda concepts can bring major breakthrough in treatment of metabolic disorders. Various Ayurvedic concepts of gut, lung endocrinal pathways and Agni (~metabolic power) can generate future studies in this direction.


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