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Effective Ways to Support Teen Gut Health

Teenagers experience rapid physical and mental changes. The microbiota and gut-brain axis play a crucial role in their health and wellbeing. However, diet, stress, and poor sleep quality may disrupt the balance in their gut microbiota. These easy, practical tips can help teens adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle to support optimal gut health.

15+ Foods to Nourish A Child’s Gut

The gut microbiome plays a vital role in children’s health, often influencing their physical and mental health later in life. Microbiome support starts with a healthy diet, but parents and caregivers often need advice about which foods provide the most benefits to optimize their child’s gut health. Cultured and fermentedRead

Supporting the Infant Microbiota for a Healthy Future

The gut microbiota develops and matures during the first few years of life. Research suggests changes in the early microbiota may affect a child’s later physical and mental health and wellness. Supporting gut health during this important window of time can provide youngsters with a healthy start in life. StagesRead


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