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Harness the Power of Genomics

with the

Genoma International Genomic Medicine &

Culinary Genomics Training Program

Learn More About Genomics for your Integrative Practice

The Program

The Genomic Medicine and Culinary Genomics Training Program is an 11-month online course that combines the scientific, clinical, and culinary aspects of genomic medicine and nutrition to ensure you have the fundamental knowledge and skills required to apply genomics into your practice. You’ll grasp the nuances and the implications of genomic test results using our advanced, polygenic approach, addressing the conditions that underlie most health and disease processes.

Training Programs:  $1800 (payment plan also available)


  • 80 hours of learning, with 80 CPEs for RDNs*
  • One Genoma International Ultimate Wellness genomic test for optimal experiential learningWith a clinically focused approach, you will learn:
    • The history and science behind genomic testing.
    • The applied biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, and nutrition science of each system.
    • Which genes are related to these systems, and how they impact functioning and outcomes.
    • Effective nutritional genomic and lifestyle interventions.
    • Culinary genomic strategies.
    • How to integrate genomic testing into a comprehensive health model.
    • How to create a successful genomic medicine or nutrition practice.

    Our instructors are clinicians with extensive backgrounds in nutrition science, genomics, the culinary arts, functional and integrative medicine, able to provide both scientific background and real-world applications.


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