The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine — Milestones Continued: 2016-2018, & Free Book Offer

In late 2016, FON and XYMOGEN released a 92-page publication titled The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine—The Milestones: 1963 – Present. The book is available free to access here. These milestones were largely culled from the work of Rise’s foreword author John Weeks, editor and publisher of The IntegratorRead …

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Investing in Your Integrative Health Brand, Sage Advice from Glenn Sabin

investing in Your Integrative Health Brand

Whether your business or practice is based solely on your personal brand or comprised a group of employees or practitioners, sustainable success is wholly dependent on relationships. Success is ultimately based on your reputation in the market and how you make people feel. Have you ever considered whether your brandRead …

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