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Balancing Priorities and Relationships as Integrative Healthcare Providers, with Adam Perlman, MD

Adam Perhlman

Relationships, priorities, and a life worth living when serving as a physician Essay by Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, Director of the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University. Relationships are a key component to success — and sometimes failure — not only on the job but also in one’sRead

Want Dynamic Leadership? Find a Partner

By Bonnie Horrigan When conceptualizing the Leadership Program for Integrative Healthcare at Duke, a group of us were brainstorming what might make a leader in an integrative clinic different from a leader in a conventional healthcare setting.  We looked at the principles involved in integrative care and asked ourselves: CouldRead

Seven Principles of Integrative Care, White Paper

Todays Practitioner, Digital, Medicine,

The following is an excerpt of a white paper in the seven principles of integrative care, The Pebble in the Pond, How Integrative Leadership Can Bring About Transformation, from Duke University Integrative Medicine. Download the white paper at the end of this post. Principles of Integrative Care Integrative Healthcare aroseRead


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