Evidence Aid Offers Hundreds of COVID-19 Studies Translated in Multiple Languages

The organization Evidence Aid, a UK-based charity with international roots, has collated and translated more than 270 COVID-19 studies, research papers to aid clinicians, policymakers and other decision-makers around the world both in high and low resource settings. Evidence Aid published summaries of more than 270 papers related to COVID-19Read

Advances in the Human Genome Identify Gut Bacteria

Gut Bacteria

The role genetics and gut bacteria play in human health has long been a fruitful source of scientific inquiry. A new study published in Nature Microbiology marks a significant step forward in unraveling this complex relationship. Its findings could transform our understanding and treatment of all manner of common diseases,Read

FTC’s Crackdown on COVID Claims: Insights on Novel Regulation from the Integrative Canaries in the Coal Mine

COVID Claims

News feeds for the natural products and integrative health practitioner fields have in recent weeks included a drumbeat of alerts on actions of the Food and Trade Commission (FTC) on what the agency considers inappropriate COVID claims. A major natural health organization blasted the FTC’s efforts as practitioner gagging andRead

COVID-19 Can Cause Serious Cardiovascular Issues

Long-Term Cardiovascular and Heart Complications

Emergency room doctors want physicians to know that COVID-19 can cause serious cardiovascular complications including heart failure, heart attacks and blood clots that can lead to strokes. In this study, published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, emergency medicine doctors also caution that COVID-19 treatments can interact with medicinesRead

Part II: The French Paradox, Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis–Heart Shunt, Prosaic Foods and the Brain–Heart Connection in AD

In second of a two-part series on the French Paradox, researchers researchers explore the concept of a heart shunt within the microbiota-gut-brain axis and underscore the close association between brain and heart health. The so-called French Paradox offers clues for understanding neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD). ReadRead

Integrative Health Must Lead on COVID and Immune Resiliency

HHS head, Alex Azar, had it right in suggesting to CNN’s Jake Tapper that the disproportionate amount of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the U.S. are largely attributable to the declining health and susceptibility of many Americans. Azar’s words: “Unfortunately, the American population is a very diverse… a population withRead