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Study Finds 55 Never Reported “Mystery” Chemicals in Humans (BONUS: Toxin Educational Videos by Joe Pizzorno, ND)

Scientists at UC San Francisco have detected 109 chemicals in a study of pregnant women, including 55 chemicals never before reported in people and 42 “mystery chemicals,” whose sources and uses are unknown. The research, published in Environmental Science & Technology, notes that the chemicals most likely come from consumerRead

Joe Pizzorno, ND & Alex Vasquez, DC, ND: Concerns About The Integrity of Nutritional Scientific Research Process

Integrity of nutritional scientific research

In this editorial, from our partners at Integrative Medicine, A Clinicians Journal, by Joe Pizzorno, ND and Alex Vazquez, DC, ND both discuss the integrity of nutritional scientific research process and recent negative news surrounding research for nutrition, fish oil, cardiovascular disease and multivitamins. In the essay, they write: “EveryoneRead

Joe Pizzorno ND and Deepak Chopra MD recognized at Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Joe Pizzorno ND and Deepak Chopra MD

Today’s Practitioner congratulates Joe Pizzorno ND and Deepak Chopra MD, who will be recognized at  the Integrative Healthcare Symposium (Feb. 22-24) for the 2018 Leadership and Visionary awards. Pizzorno will be given the Leadership Award, which  recognizes a pioneer whose contributions have shaped integrative healthcare and paved the way forRead

Are your Patients Asking about Cannabis?

As more states are considering legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana, physicians are increasingly caught by surprise when patients ask about its safety and efficacy. Physicians cite a lack of knowledge about dosing guidelines and a clear understanding of the active ingredients in a recently published JAMA article, Medical Marijuana Is

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