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When antihypertensive drugs lose efficacy, rule out interactions with dietary supplements

Anticipating possible interactions between drugs and dietary supplements is a challenging area of integrative practice.  When we think about interactions, we tend to envision risks associated with amplification of drug levels or adverse effects.  However, some interactions reduce drug efficacy. Of these, pharmacokinetic interactions are the hardest to predict andRead

Benefits of Bitters

You may have noticed cocktail bitters listed on the drink menu at your favorite restaurant, or maybe you’ve seen a bottle of them while walking down the aisles at the local liquor store. Maybe you heard about them and you’re wondering “what are bitters anyway?” There are many benefits toRead

New Active Compounds in Lion’s Mane Enhance Brain Health & Memory

Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) has been prized for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for its brain- and health-boosting properties. Now researchers from The University of Queensland have taken a big step in better understanding it, thanks to the discovery of bioactive compounds that increase nerve growth and improve memory. TheseRead


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