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Before the bugs hit: protect your patients with science-backed supplements shown to enhance immunity.

Given the continuing uncertainty about COVID-19 variants and this season’s suspected infection rates, we’re all bracing for winter. Meanwhile, the usual suspects—flu, RSV, the common cold—are lining up as winter looms. Before the bugs hit, shore up your patients’ immune-boosting protocols, with a comprehensive combination of botanicals, vitamins and otherRead

The Immune Enhancing Effects of Alpha-Tocopherol and the Tocotrienol Family

vitamin e

We all are familiar with the antioxidant principles of the vitamin E family, their importance as an essential nutrient, and the protection they provide against lipid peroxidation.[1],[2] However, many are less aware of their importance for healthy immune system function, particular with age. Although severe vitamin E deficiency is uncommonRead


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