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Omega-3 fatty acids clinical guidelines
Depression in women

Link Between Gut Bacteria, Estradiol, and Depression Discovered

A potential new cause of depression in premenopausal women has been uncovered. According to a study in the journal Cell Metabolism, women struggling with depression ...
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histamine and depression
histamine and seratonin

Animal Study: Histamine-Related Inflammation Linked to Depression

The findings, from researchers at Imperial College London and University of South Carolina, add to mounting evidence that inflammation, and the accompanying release of the ...
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waking one hour earlier reduces depression
early rising reduces depression

Waking One Hour Earlier Reduces Risk of Depression

Sleep is a strong factor in good mental health. How much change in sleep does one need to make to reduce risk of depression and ...
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Link Between Gut Microbiome, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression and Anxiety

Like everyone, people with type 2 diabetes and obesity suffer from depression and anxiety, but even more so. Researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center now have ...
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postpartum depression
Klaire Labs

Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 in Pregnancy on Postpartum Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Growing evidence about the microbiome and gut brain axis suggests that taking specific strains of probiotics may be an important aspect of mental health, and ...
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Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

BfitBwell Clinical Exercise Program for Cancer Patients Improves Fitness, Fatigue and Lowers Depression

By Kimberly Lord Stewart / Fatigue, depression, weakness and pain are the most common side effects of cancer treatments. The last thing most patients consider ...
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cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Saves Thousands for Treatment of Teen Depression

Cognitive behavioral therapy delivered in a primary care setting is a cost-effective way to treat adolescents with depression who decline or quickly stop using antidepressants, ...
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abdominal pain
Gastrointestinal Health

Unique Probiotic Strain May Reduce Depression in IBS Patients

The role of probiotics for gastrointestinal conditions is well known, however a new study shows a specific strain of probiotics may also relieve symptoms of ...
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The Ever-Evolving Microbiome: Part Two

Crafting a personalized probiotic protocol that changes across the lifespan, to meet your patients' needs at every age and stage of life.
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Nutritional Medicine

Best Forms of Magnesium for Sleep

The magnitude of magnesium’s importance in the human body cannot be understated. This master mineral is the fourth most abundant element in the human body ...
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