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A Lifestyle Program Like No Other

Introducing the Next Level Lifestyle Program, brought to by Biotics Research 2020 has presented many challenges, but has also taught us lessons: Overweight and obese patients are at a greater risk for infectious diseases 95% of healthcare practitioners lost business during quarantine Patients are looking for healthy solutions and you,Read

Defining and Fulfilling True Patient-Centered Care

Though the popular catch-phrase “patient-centered care” is often used, but it may be missing the mark because needs are not being met in this COVID-19 era of care. Patient drop outs and refusals are common with telemedicine becoming more common, as a recent telemedicine Cochran Database study shows. In thisRead

The Benefits of Becoming a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

The new Lifestyle Medicine (LM) diplomas and lifestyle medicine’s recent addition to the curriculum at medical schools such as Cambridge University represent its emergence as a standalone specialty. However, despite its basis in a holistic approach to health, LM is not a complementary or alternative form of medicine. It isRead

Omegas and Dietary Patterns for Immune Support

We commonly evaluate food and macronutrients based on their ability to supply the necessary fuel for our bodies to operate, as such, we classify them as: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, we must also consider food based on its healing power and role in optimal health, which goes beyond basicRead

Daytime Sleepiness and Its Link to Low Vitamin D

Researchers at LSU’s Division of Sleep Medicine conducted a study to determine if there is a correlation between vitamin D deficiency (VitDd) and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). Increasing evidence from clinical and basic research suggests that a suboptimal level of vitamin D disposes patients to the development of various diseasesRead


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