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Hydrogen as a Tool in the Fight to Reduce Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Clinical studies suggest hydrogen may improve side effects of radiation and chemotherapy as clinicians work to reduce cancer treatment side effects. One area in which all medical providers exercise a great level of caution with dietary supplement use is in individuals undergoing treatment for malignancy. As both radiation and chemotherapyRead

The Performance Enhancing Effects of Molecular Hydrogen

molecular hydrogen

In addition to its potential application for conditions ranging from treatment-resistant psoriasis to Parkinson’s disease, [1,2] the ability of this small molecule with substantial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential to easily traverse cellular membranes and biological barriers make it potentially applicable as a therapy not only for nearly every human diseaseRead

Hydrogen: An Intriguing Agent to Address Autoimmunity

hydrogen for autoimmunity

With its well-documented action as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is not surprising that hydrogen (H2) has been studied as treatment for autoimmunity and related diseases. The power of H2 as an antioxidant is somewhat more prominent in a highly stressed state,[1,2] which commonly exists in diseases of autoimmunity.[3] InRead

Hydrogen as a Therapeutic Gas: The Science Behind the Bubble

Hydrogen as a Therapeutic Gas

Hydrogen may simultaneously be one of the most basic and broadly applicable therapies that exists. Having one proton and one electron, hydrogen is the simplest element—if assessed only by these characteristics. Much like the halogens (substances like fluorine, iodine, and bromine), hydrogen naturally forms a bond with another hydrogen atomRead


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